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The Basic Recipe of EFT™ is a powerful device, about 80% effective. An even higher ratio is possible when you know how to handle impediments.


One of the most common errors made by EFT™ newcomers is using broad labels for problems and then being discouraged with the result. Such issues such as "I don't have good relationships," "I can't lose weight," or "My father always abused me" may seem specific but are actually very general, or global. Finding SPECIFICS for each of these problems brings up separate ASPECTS that are contributing to the issue. These aspects can be treated and eliminated one by one until the entire foundation supporting the issue collapses.

For example, one might say "Even though I have this feeling of inadequacy in relationships, I deeply and completely accept myself," might prove more helpful that "Even though I have a pattern of bad relationships." When working with weight issues, you can address certain urges or unhealthy eating patterns, or even the anxiety underlying the weight problem. And "Even though I have this anger about my father embarrassing me at my 15th birthday party," will clear up that issue quicker than "Even though my father abused me." Often seeing progress with specific aspects provides incentive to keep working on the issue.


Aspects sometimes may seem like apparent impediments because they seem to impede progress. Sometimes as we treat an emotion, another aspect of the same problem arises. Each aspect is a new portion of the problem that needs addressing before complete relief. Be aware of switching aspects! Sometimes, when tapping on pain, for example, the pain may have diminished but soreness or tightness remains in its place. The soreness or stiffness is another aspect that needs to be addressed separately of the pain. When emotions or aspects change, keep tapping and change the Setup Statement and Reminder Phrase to reflect the new emotion, or aspect.


Whether working with a specific aspect or with a general issue, persistence is sometimes the key to success. Although you may see "instant" success with EFT™ with some issues, many times creativity and patience are the difference between failure and success. The key to real success is to get the issue to a 0, not just stop at a 2 or a 3. Be flexible, follow emotions or pains as they change during a session as this is often symbolic of new aspects or issues needing treatment during a session. Asking "What does this remind you of?" "When was the first time you felt like this?" or even "What in your life is a pain in your neck?" (when treating neck pain) often brings up aspects that are contributing to the problem.


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